Super Humans + the Heroics of Being

This week we are discussing The Flash– a super hero imbued with powers, giving him an opportunity to serve the greater good. Many find their selves thinking how neat it would be to have real life Super Heroes.  People who have our best interests at heart, who stand up for us, who make the world a better place.  People who make us laugh, and change our narrative and open our eyes to the infinite possibilities of our universe.   Well.  I’m here to tell you, they’re actually all around; you need only open your eyes to see them.

Women are real life super heroes.  We have all the markings for it.  We are oppressed, feared, beaten down, forced to rise up and show our powers in times of need.  We are fierce and loyal, but harbor an unrivaled softness.  We have an inclination towards Empathy that makes us protective of our Coven, but we have strength to rival Gods when we choose to access it.  We live intrinsically with the Cycles of Mother Moon, and embody Yin and Yang as we bear the ebbs and flows of life. We breed hearts and minds and spend our days nurturing them, so they may grow up and influence the race of Men and spread love and equality.  We are Mother.  We are power.  We are love.  We are woman- hear us roar!

Single parents are super heroes.  (I would know, I had one)  And not the typical one you see ; I had a father, put into a situation which he navigated expertly- through the rocky waters of poverty and wanting and growth and frustration.  Single parents make decisions on the fly, and put others first.  They are good at problem solving, and putting on a brave face, and standing up to the bullies.  They take the punches so we don’t have to, and they reassure us that our world is going to continue on another day, because they will stand at their watch. Their post will not be abandoned, as others have done before them.  They stand tall, and brush off the disdain we throw at them; the blame we place upon them.  They absorb it, and they never release it upon us.  They are too good for us, and we know it.; it takes time, but we learn in the end.  We will forever memorialize them in our hearts and minds as brave heroes who took the mantle when others would not, and helped us all prevail.  They pave the way, so we may have a brighter tomorrow.

The men and women of the armed forces and the police departments and the firefighters and ALL the civil servants:  they are all super heroes.  They lay down their lives, time, and relationships for us – to protect us in our hour of need.  They have taken a stand against their brothers and sisters on occasions when their brethren have needed reminding: We serve ALL people, regardless of skin color or history or future.  They have filibustered on our behalf, so that we may obtain services crucial to our body. They have marched against oppression to say we, as a people, deserve better.  They have  walked into the face of sand and bullets with a picture of their children in their pocket, because they made a promise to Us.  They have served their country and the greater good and often gotten lost along the way, but they have always tried again and again. They have stood in the face of anger, and hate and they will do it again tomorrow if asked.  They are larger than life, and they are beautiful for their sacrifice.

Our teaches are super heroes.  They spend their days molding our minds and imparting upon us world views to expand our horizons.  The good ones stick with you, and will continue to do so until time has ceased to turn.  They live on in our hearts, and they influenced our perception of good and bad.  They live on in our Minds as we continue to search those vast expanses, and fill it with information and opinions and the hunger we need to plant seeds that we can watch grow.  They touch our hearts, and we let them hold on.  They use knowledge as ammunition, and they do their best to arm us- to prepare us for what awaits us outside their doors.  They find the strength to let us go, and trust that we will grow.  They trust in is, and they teach us to trust in ourselves.

Friends are super heroes.  They wrap their arms around us, and we feel our roots dig deep into the ground and intertwine with one another.  Our branches grow upward sprouting futures and possibilities and they remain intertwined as we soak up sunshine and flourish.  They feed our souls and shape our perception of the world, and make us feel sane.   They blossom and cross pollinate and gift to us what they too have been given, and they catch our tears when they start to fall.  They reinforce our psyche with assurances and pep talks at the most apt time; they also take hold of our egos, and press deflate when necessary. Sometimes they turn into lovers and take our hearts in theirs and breathe vulnerability and love and challenge into our soul; they help plant seeds inside of us, that teach us to be a new kind of human; we hold hands with little ones and smile and laugh and see our reflections infinitely in their eyes.  Sometimes our friendships die, and in that passing we inhale and learn so much from where we have been.  As the leaves fall and all feels cold, we feel lost- but there is always Spring.  The dead trees can recover, and if fertilized properly- they begin regrowth.  Sprouts will always reappear, and multiply- awaiting mutual nourishment in the face of possibilities and outcomes far to great to number.  Friends open their ears and they absorb our words as if it were a good book.  They listen intently, and reply snarkily and offer guidance and penance and words to fuel our desires.  Their warmth can reach great distances, and they may offer sustenance from afar when required.  They are water; without water we wither and we forget how to cry and we become hollow.

Where do you see super heroes in your life?  They are presented to us in many forms. Will you seek heroes out this year?  Will you be mindful of what that constitutes?  Will you be open to the many contributions awaiting to fulfill your lives?  I recommend it.

This year I am focusing on letting Passion be my hero.  We spend far too much time disregarding the cardinal directions of our heart.  If we only listen better, we could see our paths laid out before us, infinitely.  I want to let passion turn the pages of the novels I read, dictate the shows I choose to watch, or the paths I choose to wander, or the institutions that I give my money to, or the people I spend my time with – and the way I spend my time in general.  I always love the phrasing of that- “Spending time”.  Time is the only currency we were ever gifted.  When we took our first breathe, our bank became limited.  There is only so much of it, and it is up to us to choose where it is “spent”.  I am challenging myself to be at peace with how I spend my time; be at peace with the career path I am on, and find value in it; be at peace with having no money in my bank, but spending every last bit of it to go on an adventure; be at peace with speaking up and making a stand, even if someone is displeased by the language or method; be at peace with any mistakes I make along the way; be at peace with my ever changing future.

I choose deep breaths, time well spent, and Passion.

Find your Heroes this year – and make them SUPER.

-Morgan Messick


Morgan Circle

Morgan Messick is a Pop-Culture fanatic, Podcast Host, and total #BookBabe living in Austin, TX with her Husband and little dog Scoop. She aspires to grow her #TBR pile, do all of the hiking, travel as often as possible and make a joke at every turn. She utilizes laughter and yoga for daily medicine, thinks that Harry Potter is magic for all ages, and truly believes Die Hard is a great Christmas movie (SO DEAL WITH IT.) Catch her musings here, and around the web — links in the “about” page!

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