Podcast Episode 013: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

OOOOoooooh! Lucky Episode 13!

Is cursed.

We just KNOW that y’all love our long, long rambling discussions, but this one, due to technical difficulties, has been truncated slightly. Please enjoy this slightly shorter episode that includes DEEP talk about:

  • Morgan’s surprise mustache (again)
  • Mic’s outrageous bush
  • Rowling’s difficulty writing a sequel to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone
  • comparative word counts of each of the Harry Potter books
  • the difficulties of working child actors
  • outbreaks of LICE on the set of the movie
  • candy smuggling (Tom Felton was the main culprit)
  • the implacable advancement of death in the series
  • racism, possession and murder…in a children’s book?
  • why/how the Weasley family is poor
  • the wizarding world’s economy
  • a definitive rating of the Molly and Arthur’s favorite children
  • the sex lives of House Elves
  • the horrible justifications for House Elf slavery
  • nepotism and avarice in the Malfoy family
  • would you rather fight Aragog or the basilisk?
  • a Secret History of the basilisk


Thanks for listening, BBs! Doncha’ worry – we’ll get our tech sorted (someday).




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