Podcast Episode 014: Spirited Away

Sometimes you need a movie to just pick you up and carry you away, for a little while, from your reality. It’s a brutal world out there, BBs, and there’s no shame in needing to take a lil break.

Close your eyes and let our dulcet tones lead you deeper into Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Our conversation includes:

* Teen Girl Squad (her name is “What’s Her Face”)
 vacation drinks: pina colada vs. long island vs. coconut milk
*How I Met Your Mother
*Full House/Fuller House
Top 5 Miyazaki Movies
*the unique deliciousness of anime food
*a Secret History of No-Face
*Do you recognize the name Deveigh Chase? You should.
*Yubaba + Professor Slughorn = ugliest Slytherin babies ever
*the movie as “gateway drug” to anime, as comment on child prostitution, as coming-of-age story, as environmental sermon
*Japanese urban legends
All Fantasy Everything
*2nd Opinions, games and more (AND MORE)!

Thanks for listening, y’all!




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