Podcast Episode 017: Emmy’s Predictions

MORGAN. You’re so pretty. Morgan. We all love you. 
In this episode Mic is nice to Morgan because she deserves it.

But mostly we discuss our predictions for the upcoming Emmy awards (9/17) and take a deep dive into heavy hitters like Westworld, Saturday Night Live, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, Master of None, and The Handmaid’s Tale. We have opinions…and they might be dumb…but we’re sticking to them!

  • Popular sweeper shows (including Saturday Night Live and Westworld with 22 nominations each)
  • Netflix as a contender (91 nominations this year)
  • Stephen Colbert is this year’s host (which at least is better than Jimmy Kimmel)
  • Awards shows are cultural sports. Plus they feature FASHION
  • The academy snubbed Mr. Robot and Rami Malek’s gorgeous face. How very dare they. LOOK AT HIMRami_Malek_in_Hollywood,_California
  • The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actress Roundtable
  • The importance and power of diversity in award-giving
  • Dreaded Emmy snubs (including, unbelievably, Oprah !?!?)
  • The Radiolab episode about Henrietta Lacks and her immortal cells
  • Stranger Things love (especially for Barb, duh)
  • Each Master of None episode is a different length?! Aziz Ansari lives up to the hype
  • The Crown is a lush, dramatic period drama that Morgan adored
  • Netflix’s recommendation system is trash
  • The Handmaid’s Tale is powerful
  • Nicole Kidman was riveting in Big Little Lies
  • Reese Witherspoon owns a thriving production company called Pacific Standard
  • Is this the Golden Age of television? Well, it might be a golden age. The  new one or the third one or something. Whatever. Television is diverse and spectacular right now.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race is nominated in two categories and Rupaul is nominated for Best Host (again!)
  • Oscars vs. Tonys vs. Emmys vs. Grammys
  • A star-studded games corner!


Binge Riverdale on Netflix
And then take a bath and
Binge Terrace House on Netflix!




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Thanks for listening, BBs!

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