Episode 018: Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049

For a movie that’s widely considered one of the best science fiction movies of all time, we’re pretty unimpressed with Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Somehow it was less thrilling and more sloppy than we remembered (but, you know, when would we ever judge someone for being boring and sloppy?).

This is a big episode for us because we’re hosting Joe, our dear friend and first every guest. Together the three of us struggle through big, heady topics like what it means to be human, the impending worldwide apocalypse, predictions for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 starring Ryan Gosling, and the undeniable power of Harrison Ford’s roguish charm.

Discussion includes:

  • the one billion different versions of the movie
  • Ridley Scott’s true and (so far) false prophecies
  • a Secret History of the term “Blade Runner”
  • animals as status symbols
  • the wide influence of Blade Runner on movies and TV (see: Bubblegum Crisis,Streets of Fire)
  • the infamous and confusing unicorn scene and how it’s connected to Deckard’s controversial humanity
  • is this sequel even necessary? Is a sequel ever necessary?
  • science fiction movies to watch after (or instead of) Blade Runner
  • Scientists’ favorite science fiction movies of all time
  • Morgan and Joe’s dislike of Forrest Whitaker (how could they?!)

And a very futuristic game corner that includes: “Marry, Fuck, Retire,”  “This, That or the Other,” “Fill in the Void (-Kamph).”


Binge (at least a few seasons of) Grand Designs on Netflix.

Listen to Joe’s other podcasts at oneofus.net and rageselect.com. If you’re a big ole nerd like him, he also recommends Django, the free open source framework for website development.

We’re assuming you’re caught up on Game of Thrones, but if you haven’t seen Season 7 yet, get! On! It! It’s an amazing season.


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Thanks for listening, BBs! We sure do appreciate you!

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