Podcasts for Literary Lovers

Saturday, September 30, marks “International Podcast Day.” It’s a great day to start listening to a new podcast, endeavor to create your own or spread the love. Podcasts are a fast growing media platform that reach over 42 million Americans every week- that’s 15% of the total U.S. population. With media you can take on the go, on multiple platforms, it has become a household staple for those between the ages of 12 and 55 – there’s something for everyone. So, what’s out there for the literary lover?


Literary lovers have a vast selection of podcasts to choose from depending on their preferences: publishing podcasts, book-ish news, storytelling and more are available for your listening pleasure. But, where should you start? Let me help you out! Here are our Top 10 Podcasts for Literary Lovers:

  1. The Greenlight Bookstore Radio Hour: This show features author spotlights from a little bookstore in Brooklyn, NY. They curate author interviews describing their latest works and other news.
  2.  Selected Shorts: This weekly show follows a theme each episode, and features actors, from stage, screen, and television, reading short stories based on that theme. Co-hosts include writers, literary producers, and other interesting characters.
  3.  Slates Audio Book Club: This is the easiest way to gather with critics and compare notes on new and classic works. Slate’s critics publish episodes monthly, so you have time to catch up on their book club selection Join in on the debating and deconstructing.
  4. Dear Book Nerd: This bi-weekly podcast is brought to you by Book Riot, and endeavors to answer your questions about life, love, and literature! Co-hosts rotate each week, and the topics vary.
  5. 6A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment: Authors Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter address literature, life happenings, and the state of the world in this conversational podcast featuring friends, guests and more!
  6. Lit Up: This is an interview style conversation-cast that features many well known authors. Listen in for discussions on books, writers, life, love, and all things literary.
  7. So many Damn Books: This podcast is hosted from the “Damn Library” in Brooklyn, NY where they talk all things literature, reading, publishing and more. They’ll give you the scoop on what’s hot, and address their personal TBR lists.
  8. The New Yorker Fiction Podcast: This monthly podcast features readings and author conversations. It’s hosted by The New Yorker fiction editor, Deborah Treisman, and features today’s hottest authors.
  9. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: This podcast follows the Harry Potter Series chapter by chapter, addressing life’s big questions and examining the themes present on an instructive and inspirational level.
  10. Overdue: This is a weekly podcast about all the books you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t. Check out the upcoming month’s reading list on their website, and get ready to talk shop with two book lovers.


Celebrate the world of literature by listening in to one of these great Podcasts, and joining the conversation. You can find any of these shows through their websites, iTunes, or on your preferred Podcast App. Be sure to thank the Podfathers for laying the pathway to today’s phenomenon, and let us know what some of your favorites are. Happy listening!

Originally posted on GoRead.com


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