Literary Libations

“Beer’s intellectual. What a shame so many idiots drink it.”

— Ray Bradbury


If the likes of Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald have taught us anything, it’s that literature and libations pair well together, if we are so inclined.


One does not have to drink to enjoy literature, of course, but for those who indulge, why not find complimentary pairings to heighten the experience. How about Whiskey and Hemingway? Gin and Golding? Mead and Martin? (Butter) beer and Rowling? Or, one can create a classic cocktail themed after their favorite read: Tequila Mockingbird, The Taming of the Shrewdriver and so many more.


Some retailers make it even easier for those wishing to theme their beverages. We’ve seen Game of Thrones themed beer, Hobbit mead and just this month—Outlanderthemed wine, celebrating Diana Gabaldon’s internationally bestselling series. There are 6 hand-crafted blends, available individually or as a set. The blends honor the main characters Claire and Jamie Fraser, and are available for a limited time from—so get your order in soon!


Organizations, businesses and events are also getting in on the fun. The Alamo Drafthouse—an Austin, TX institution which has grown to 28 establishments nationwide, with many new locations on the horizon—often themes beverages to movies or celebrations, and others are catching on. The upcoming Texas State Book Festival, hosted in Austin, TX, celebrated “Literary Libations Week” in August to help raise funds for the event. Bars and restaurants across Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston sold special literary themed beverages—such as Gone With the Gin, A CockTail of Two Cities, Huckleberry Gin  and more—with proceeds benefiting the Texas Book Festival “LitCrawl”, which will occur on the night of November 4th.


“Literary Libations” are great for bringing readers together, with a common cause: working your favorite reads into your everyday life, and relaxing. So, as a fan of literature, fill your glasses and cheers to community, puns, celebrations and really good books!

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