Episode 021: Stranger Things

In this episode we welcome Sarah, our bff and local Netflix binge addict, to analyze the first season of Stranger Things. We’re bringing you a hot plate of cackling shade with side orders of conspiracy theories, behind-the-scenes information and fan theories about the upcoming second season. Catch up with us before it goes live Halloween 2017!

Dissection and discussion includes:

  • Netflix releases neither viewership nor budget information, but it’s probable that the first season of Stranger Things was produced for around 2 million dollars. One episode of Westworld cost half that amount.
  • The Duffer Brothers wanted to create “a long movie written by Stephen King with music by John Carpenter.” Did they succeed?
  • The soundtrack for Stranger Things was composed by Austin’s own S U R V I V E (Michael Stine, Adam Jones, Mark Donica and Kyle Dixon).
  • Real-life conspiracy theories are the backbone of the plot of Stranger Things. Check out The Mantauk Project and MKUltra if you’re eager to mistrust any and all authority figures.
  • Stranger Things has a set ending and will only be four seasons long.
  • Though it’s only eight episodes long, the first seasons feels much longer because it’s so dense and packed with intricate characterization (see: the first and last scenes, especially).
  • 80’s kid references add an extra layer of joy for anyone familiar with E.T., Stand By Me, The Goonies, JAWS, Alien, Predator or Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Is Eleven the Demogorgon? Is it part of her? Or maybe an earlier experiment?
  • There will be at least four new supporting characters in Season 2 (including one played by SEAN AUSTIN!?).
  • No, that is not Jean-Ralphio!
  • Have you heard Millie Bobby Brown rap yet? She’s English, by the way (not Australian) and she’s going to be in the newest Godzilla remake.
  • Can Barb come back…somehow? No? Please?! You can check her out in Riverdale if you’re one of the billions of Barb fans! RIP BB BARB!


Frasier is a touchstone of 90’s kid culture – you should rewatch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime if you wanna reconnect with your childhood.

Check out I am Pilgrim if you’re looking for an gritty, engaging read about murder, acid attacks and a seemingly unbeatable enemy.

Special guest shout out to fabulous dog trainer Kristin Reno! Check her out on social media if you’re looking for a dog trainer in the Austin area.


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