Top 10 Literary Ensemble Halloween Costumes

Are you struggling with a last minute Halloween costume? What are you going to do to celebrate? Would you rather stay home and read a book, but are going to make an obligatory public appearance?

We feel you, which is why we are bringing you the best of both worlds! Celebrate your love of literature, and dress for the occasion.

Here are our Top 10 Literary Ensemble Halloween Costumes(for YOU and your friends!)

10. The Cast of The Lord of the Rings: Whether you’re dressing up as the Hobbit crew, or repping Arwen & Aragorn, you can create a true fellowship with various ensemble options.


9. The Cast of Harry Potter: Recycle those graduation robes, and get with your friends and family  to become your favorite witches and wizards. Dress in any combo, but don’t forget to manage the mischief!


8. The Cast of The Cat in the HatDr. Seuss is a great go-to for the colorful and dramatic option. Don a red and white hat as you bring rhyme and mayhem to the party.


7. The Bennet sisters: Get your girls together, and become the gossipy group who give us the scoop about Pride and Prejudice. You’ll be flirty, witty and silly as you dance the evening away.


6. TinTin & Captain Haddock: From The Adventures of Tin Tin, you can dress as this boisterous pair on a mission to find the truth. Even better if you have a little dog to play the part of Snowy.


5. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Combo: Be a White Witch, a Queen Lucy, an Aslan and more. There are so many pairings to celebrate C.S. Lewis’s classic tale of magic.

5. the lion, the witch and the wardrobe 2

4. Max and The Wild Things (Where the Wild Things Are): Possibly the cutest parent-kid combo available, get dressed up for adventure into the wild unknown as any or all of the wild things, and Max the King.

4. Max and The Wild Things 1

3. The Outsiders Crew: Get your greasers together, and prepare to ‘Stay Gold’ as you become the coolest people at the party with this slick ensemble of misunderstood teens.

3. The Outsiders 1

2. Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan: Dressing in 1920’s garb is a great costume to repurpose over the years, and will let you live as fabulously, and care free for a night as this troubled duo from The Great Gatsby.

2. Daisy and Gatsby 1

1. Princess Buttercup + Westley: In honor of the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride, there will inevitably be many couple costumes repping these fantastical lovers. Dress up, ‘As You Wish’, and go on an adventure this Halloween.

1. Princess Bride 1

We hope this Top 10 List inspires you this Halloween season! Be sure to check out more good ideas and Top 10’s on “Cover to Cover” Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11AM CST.

Trick or Treat!

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