Letters About Literature

Here at GoRead.com, we are all about Children’s Literacy. Our corporate culture and mission statement reflect our efforts to work towards eradication of illiteracy. Our Corporate Responsibility aims to get us involved in our community, helping to make an impact on the lives of young people, and to change the way we write, read, and experience books! So, naturally, we’re intrigued with this amazing program that The Library of Congress has curated. This year they kick off the 25th annual contest “Letters About Literature,” encouraging young people to write letters to authors (alive or dead) for prizes!


Since the inception of the program more than one million students in grades 4-12 have submitted letters to their favorite authors. To top off the 25th celebration, Candlewick Press has partnered with The Library of Congress to publish an anthology of students letters. The book will be called Journeys: Young Readers Letters to Authors Who Changed Their Lives, and will come out August 2018, featuring 52 letters from students, illuminating what they love most about literature.


According to UNESCO there are approximately one billion illiterate adults in the world.Women make up two thirds of that population, and 98 percent of non-illiterate people live in developing countries. By encouraging our youth to get involved with reading and writing, we are doing a service to the world. So, be sure to inspire the young people in your life to pursue this opportunity. Who would you write to? Would you bombard The Bard? Send a love letter to Lovecraft? Send some whimsical witticism about Gone with The Wind to Margaret Mitchell? Whatever you would choose, get to writing!


Entries for the Letters About Literature contest are evaluated on both state and national levels by a panel of judges that includes authors, publishers, teachers, and librarians. The 2017–2018 national winners will be announced in April 2018. Find out more on The Library of Congress Website!


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