Top 5 Bookish Holiday Party Themes

Are you that ‘Type A’ person who’s not only making lists and checking them twice, but is also: Color coding, planning, budgeting, prioritizing, doing dishes, feeding kids, walking dogs AND planning your winter gatherings simultaneously? Well, we’re here to help ease your busy schedule, and give you a few good ideas. Set your party planning woes aside, and opt for literary party themes to WOW your guests this season!

Check out our “Top 5 Bookish Themed Holiday Parties” to get you through the rest of the year (and to get a jump start on 2018!).

5.“A Very Harry Christmas”: Create your very own Hogwarts feast, and spread the magic with a Harry Potter-themed Christmas party. Wow your guests with butterbeer, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and a plethora of bookish goodies.

4.”Winter is Coming” Winter Themed Bash: Divide your home into the great houses of Westeros, and conquer the lands together. Your guests can dress in character, and you can form alliances as you eat, drink and be merry. Ring in the winter solstice, or celebrate winter in all its glory. Just try not to kill anyone, kay?

3.“Lets get LIT”: Throw an event where books themselves are the heroes. Deck the halls in pages and stacks, as your guests prepare for a White Elephant book exchange! Don’t forget to theme your signature beverages and food….Tequila Mockingbird, Mad Hatter Tea Corner and more will bring your favorite stories to life.

2.Narnia Wonderland: Step through the Wardrobe and deck your home out as a winter wonderland, fit for a white witch. There are a lot of winter motifs you can utilize, and platters of delicious food fit for a Queen.

1.”Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve”: Ring in the New Year in style, with a Gatsby-themed adventure. The roaring 20’s bring all the glitz, glam, and bubbles to ring in the new year. So put on your fanciest pearls and dance the night away.


Whatever the occasion, let your favorite literature guide you. Turn the pages into a new year, and soak up the holiday cheer! And, remember, stay calm and party on — with your literary darlings!

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