Episode 036: Oscar Predictions



Hi BB’s:

You know, I’ve always loved awards seasons. It’s an excuse to get dressed up, drink champagne all night, and judge people relentlessly for superficial reasons. There’s nothing better than getting together with friends, and  mocking the hosts, muting the accountants, and wearing every fake pearl you could find (a. lot. of. fake. pearls.). There’s also the element of surpise (OOPS, sorry La La Land), political alliances to get behind, rooting for the underdogs, and so much more to get behind.  So- we’re covering the Oscars!

Turns out we’re no good at predictions, but great at talking trash! Join us for another attempt at nailing an awards season!


We’ve got predictions, our fave movies of 2017, whats on our “to be watched list” and more!



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Thanks for listening, BBs! We loooooove yoooou!


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