Episode 045: Movies that Never Were



Have you ever heard of Movies that Never were? There are so many near misses of movies that almost were, but never were. Maybe it was an idea floating around, that deserved to be a full fledged movie, maybe it began production, maybe it fell apart because of money issues…..the point is, if it never was, we wanna talk about it.


Speculation is our strong suit, and throwing around judgements for things we have no attachment to, without repercussions is our main stay. We love it. So, join us for a countdown of our Top “Movies that never Were” and the wild rumor mill of why they never came to pass. Just for a preview: DID YOU KNOW THAT NICHOLAS CAGE WAS GOING TO BE SUPERMAN???? I promise you need more info. Catch the shade and general chat NOW! 



Mic has been loving Agents of Shield (Check it out on ABC! [or Netflix or HULU, let’s be real])


Morgan has been loving brackets. Yep. She went there….So, check out your Social Media for people filling out useless brackets. And in the meantime, tell us who wins: Star Wars VS. MCU. #Trending #bullshit


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Morgan Messick is a Pop-Culture fanatic, Podcast Host, Booktuber & total #BookBabe living in Austin, TX with her Husband and two dogs  Scoop & Eleanor. She aspires to grow her #TBR pile, do all of the hiking, travel as often as possible and make a joke at every turn. She utilizes laughter and yoga for daily medicine, thinks that Harry Potter is magic for all ages, and truly believes Die Hard is a great Christmas movie (SO DEAL WITH IT.)

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