Episode 046: Summer Blockbusters

That’s right – we’re talking about visiting Blockbuster Video Stores in the SUMMER! Oh, wait, scratch that. That’s old skool. That’s not really possible. Unless you live in Alaska. And, also, if you live in Alaska and you go to Blockbuster, you should thank John Oliver. But that’s a whole different story…..


We’re, of course, here to talk about Summer Blockbusters, as in amazing huge movies that get us through these trying & hot months.

This summer there will be countless explosions, superheroes, car chases, dinosaurs, quips, rips & (badly written) romances. We LIVE for the summer blockbusters that breathe entertainment into our lives and get us hyped for the heat (we’ve got PLENTY in Texas). Here’s our countdown of the top summer movies and probable flops!

What Summer Blockbusters are you stoked about? Let us know!


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Thanks for listening, BBs! We loooooove yoooou!

-Morgan Messick


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Morgan Circle

Morgan Messick is a Pop-Culture fanatic, Podcast Host, Booktuber & total #BookBabe living in Austin, TX with her Husband and two dogs  Scoop & Eleanor. She aspires to grow her #TBR pile, do all of the hiking, travel as often as possible and make a joke at every turn. She utilizes laughter and yoga for daily medicine, thinks that Harry Potter is magic for all ages, and truly believes Die Hard is a great Christmas movie (SO DEAL WITH IT.)

Catch her musings here, and around the web — links in the “about” page!

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