When Lightning Strikes

JK Rowling certainly has a lot going on right now, from a pub being named after her in Scotland (temporarily) to a controversy swarming the latest “Fantastic Beasts” movie (could we not have recast Johnny Depp?) However, as is her style, she has a new buzz taking over: there’s a biopic in the works!


The working title is “When Lightning Strikes,” and has been written by Anna Klassen. The script was completed in 2017 and made it to “the Black List” — which is a highly anticipated compilation of scripts written, but not produced in a year. It’s a sort of “LOOK OUT FOR THIS, COMING SOON, WE THINK YOU’RE GONNA LIKE IT” list. And, TBH, they’re probably right.


What we know about the script is, it follows a young Joanne Rowling, just 25 years old, amidst divorce, pregnancy, depression and looming poverty. While she’s on this path, she begins the next chapter of her life when she writes Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We’ll get an inside look at her not-so-glamorous life, and the lead-up to her multi-billion dollar empire. As we know, the road to success was lined with failure and rejection, so hopefully we can get some pro tips on how to handle that stress in our own lives.


Getting a glimpse into a young J.K. Rowling’s life will be really humbling for us as well. It’s easy to forget that this billionaire superstar is completely self-made. She worked so hard to get the first Harry Potter book published. She was rejected by 12 (idiot) publishers in the beginning, before she landed with Bloomsbury in the UK. On June 26th, 1997, she finally saw her hard work in print, and it began to pay off.


Twenty years later, we still revel in her marvel. May we all take inspiration away from what hard work, commitment, and sparks of creativity can bring us. If you have a New Years goal to be more creative and follow your dreams, follow her example. Because, after all, you never know when lightning might strike.

-Morgan Messick

Originally posted on GoRead.com


Morgan CircleMorgan Messick is a Pop-Culture fanatic, Podcast Host, and total #BookBabe living in Austin, TX with her Husband and little dog Scoop. She aspires to grow her #TBR pile, do all of the hiking, travel as often as possible and make a joke at every turn. She utilizes laughter and yoga for daily medicine, thinks that Harry Potter is magic for all ages, and truly believes Die Hard is a great Christmas movie (SO DEAL WITH IT.) Catch her musings here, and around the web — links in the “about” page!

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